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The Best Action Camera Under $100 in 2020 : Moment 5C

An action camera is an incredible tool when you are doing sports or outdoor adventures. You can capture every fun detail of your experiences with absolute clarity in video or images. Most of this type of products in the market are expensive, especially when you are not a pro sportsperson. In this article, we will discuss the one best action camera under $100. You can enjoy excellent features for a reasonable price on your adventures. The Moment 5C Action Camera is a perfect choice for looking for this kind of products on a budget. Here are some of the fantastic features that the camera has for users.



The Five Great Features of Moment 5C



You can take 4K 60fps HD video footage when you are on the move. The camera produces 20MP photos that are clear and capture every little detail of your adventure. The camera also supports 4K/30fps, 2.7K/30fps, 1080P/60fps, 1080P/30fps, 720P/120fps, and 720P/60fps. The native 4K resolution produces intense and colorful footage that takes in every moment of your outdoor adventures.

The wide-angle camera takes smooth videos even during fast movements like riding a bike or running. You can adjust the camera depending on the weather to get the lighting right when it is cloudy or sunny. The image quality may suffer when the activities you are doing involve a lot of jerky movements.

The 2" touch screen allows you to navigate easily between various features as you progress with your adventure. You can switch from video to images in seconds or opt for still when you do stunts. Overall, it is easy to operate the camera and snap all the fun moments when using the Vantop Moment 5C camera.



Built-in EIS

The camera comes with a built-in 6-axis Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) feature that allows you to take explicit videos during vigorous sports activities. The stabilization feature will enable you to take smooth videos without a blur. You can opt to turn off the stabilization when you want to take some images with some blur.

The performance of the built-in EIS id among the best in the market, makes the camera handle stunt seamlessly. The anti-shake feature also ensures that the video footage stays stable throughout your activities. The efficient mounting accessories that come with the camera allow you to take videos or images hands-free.

You don't have to worry about your videos' quality once you turn on the stabilization feature. You can turn the feature off when you don't need it using an app on your mobile phone. The feature works for all outdoor activities, including activities 100ft underwater. You can capture every action during your explorations without worrying that you will miss important stuff.



170 Degree Wide Angle

The 170-degree wide-angle camera captures more than the eye can typically see. You can cover a lot using the wide-angle view even when you are out with some friends. Unlike phone cameras that capture what is in front, the action camera's wide-angle captures much more.

The 7-layer glass lens ensures that you have crisp images full of color, and it has a light correction. The quality of the camera is ideal for the best action camera under $100. You can fit more people or scenarios in the frame when you are having fun. The wide-angle allows you to capture everything on your action camera without putting in a lot of work.

It is an excellent choice when you want to take the scenic route and take pictures on social media. Transferring the images when you are through is simple when you connect the action camera to your PC. You can make this best action camera your adventure companion when you are having fun outdoors.



Slow Motion

The slow-motion feature takes in every memorable moment with real clarity in video. The action camera is suitable for anyone who wants to capture stunts with vivid clarity. Capture your audience's emotions during a fantastic flip or the gentle breeze through trees as you ride through your favorite nature trail. The slow-motion features capture those fleeting moments that make the whole outdoor adventure special.

There is a burst photo feature that takes a lot of pictures at once to increase the chances of getting a perfect photo during rigorous activities. You can capture the coveted images mid-air is you show off your skills to your friends and audience. The stabilization feature ensures that all the images you take are not blurred, but crisp even during a lot of movement.

You can activate the 4x slow-motion feature using the mobile app, making it simple to switch between slow-motion videos and burst pictures. You will have absolute control of the frames you want to take in slow motion to capture happy moments.



Time Lapse

The time-lapse feature requires some level of expertise to create it, and it looks incredible when done right. The Vantop Moment 5C action comes with a time-lapse feature and all the accessories necessary to set up the camera for a time-lapse. You can mount your camera at the location of choice and leave it for the duration you like.

Capturing the changes in light and shadows during the day and night makes for an excellent time-lapse video. The images depend on the view that you have and the time of the year. A scenic location like the top of a hill overlooking the city will give you footage for terrific footage.

The ideal speed for a time-lapse is 30fps, which the camera can take in 4K resolution. You can adjust the video's frame rate once you have the right amount of footage or stills. You can use the footage to experiment on your time-lapse skills and shoot common scenarios. Once you get the hang of it, you can attempt to make an epic time-lapse video.



Final Thoughts

The features that Vantop Moment 5C offers make it the best action camera under $100 in the market right now. The price is $99.99, which is affordable for most customers. The price tag is low when you compare the features the camera has to offer. The best action camera in the market with similar features comes from GoPro, and it costs $499.

Therefore, you will enjoy premium features on your action camera for a fraction of the price. The camera comes with a wide range of accessories to allow the user to have the best vantage when taking pictures or videos. It comes with two batteries, a waterproof case, an app, remote control, mounting gear, USB cable, cable ties, and a 2" touch screen, among others.

The remote control and app allow you to change the settings of the camera wirelessly as you wish. Overall, the action camera is an excellent option for anyone looking for the best choice at an affordable price.