VanTop H609 Rear View Mirror Mounted Dash Cam -A Great Birthday Gift Idea in 2020 

FEBRUARY 28, 2020

When it comes to birthday gift giving, you need to think outside of the box, since you have to make the distinction between what you prefer and what the person will be gifted like. That’s easy when it comes to considering a dash cam as a birthday gift, since they are currently not that pricey and can present the profound love from you to your loved one. A decent dash cam makes a perfect practical, functional and thoughtful gift that the gift recipient will actually use. Gifting your loved one a dash cam can properly prove how much you care about their safety and well-being on the way. 

With the increase of road rage cases, poor driving practices and limited traffic surveillance on the way, a dash came makes a decent gift that will provide the gift recipient a more secured drive in the new age. 

If you hesitate about which dash cam can be considered as a birthday gift to your loved one, and you want to go with a safe option, VanTop’s H609 rear view mirror mounted dash cam is a one of the best rear view mirror mounted dash cams for cars that combines both security and fashion. Installing this rear view mirror mounted dash cam is super easy and doesn’t require any technological know-how.

This unique dash cam provides you the clear footage of everything around your car as you concentrate on driving. It brings auto-adjusting brightness feature that reduces the glaring or dazzling on the snazzy 10’’ IPS display.  The weatherproof rear camera enables you to drive and observe the road uninterrupted even during the rainy or snowy days. You only have to connect your H609 rear view mirror mounted dash cam into the car cigarette lighter, so that it functions seamless as it uses the car power directly. 

The superior night vision of H609 rear view mirror mounted dash cam enables your gift recipient to record seamlessly even at night. The front camera records at a resolution of full HD 1080P ,whereas the rear view backup camera has a full HD video resolution of 1080P as well; H609 also comes with a front view angle of 170° and a rear view angle of 160° that covering everything happening on the road.

Unlike the other dash cams, H609 rear view mirror mounted dash cam records the road view continuously based on the loop recording feature, which enables the camera to overwrite the old unlocked videos to provide space for new coming videos. H609 rear view mirror mounted dash cam supports SD cards of up to 128 GB, which is more than enough for a full day recording and enhances hassle-free recording for the whole day. The built-in G-sensor system gets activated when it detects a sudden collision or impact, nevertheless, the motion detection turns on the recording until 5 minutes after detecting a moving subject around the vehicle. G-sensor and the motion detection record and lock the important footage, which will come in handy in case of a dispute. 

This wallet-friendly H609 rear view mirror mounted dash cam is a great all-in-one alternative to other basic dash cams on the market, provides everything a driver needs and more. Choosing a H609 rear view mirror mounted dash cam as a birthday gift will definitely prove your profound love and caring to that gift recipient; on top of that, if you purchase H609 through our official website, your gift recipient will get 24/7 professional customer service and 1 year guaranty along the device. 

Getting your gift recipient a H609 rear view mirror mounted dash cam would be a perfect way to show your love, because your way, we secure.


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