How to Use Vantop’s H610 Mirror Dash Cam

JANUARY 16, 2020

When you are out on the road, things don’t always go as expected. However, when an incident happens, having the moment caught on a camera proves very useful. The dash cam, or dashboard camera, had become increasingly popular during the past years mainly because of the numerous benefits. VanTop’s H610 can be a great way to keep track of your trips and help you out if you’re involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault. 

First thing first, it is big and easy to operate, it has a 10’’ IPS panel with 1080P resolution, hence the image is great. It is also a touch screen easy to operate and you can use to move around the camera’s field of view. You don’t only have a rearview weatherproof camera, but also a front adjustable dash cam, which is pretty handy; both have a wide field of view that up to 300°, as well as super night vision based on the Sony IMX307 sensor.A nifty feature is the emergency sensor that ensures recordings are well saved if someone scratches your car during parking – a trustworthy automatic witness. It supports any SD card at class 10 or above that up to 128G; meanwhile, the loop recording will automatically overwrite the earliest exiting unlocked footage when the SD card is full, so that you don’t have to worry about purchasing extra SD cards when the capacity is full.

1, How to set up the H610? 

We have invited a professional tech YouTuber named “Budget Nerd” to record a detailed instruction about how to use H610, everything you need to set up your H610 is well explained in this video

Step 1, Mount the mirror dash camera over the rearview mirror of the vehicle with the provided mounting straps, then adjust the angle.

Step 2, Connect one end of car charger cable to the USB port on the topside of Mirror Dash Camera. Plug the other end of the car charger cable to the Cigarette Lighter Receptacle in the vehicle, start the engine and the dash cam will turn on and start recording immediately.

Step 3, Attach the AV Out connector of the Backup Camera with the AV In the port of the Mirror Dash Camera, then snake the black cable of the Backup Camera through the body of your vehicle to the rear of it. 

Step 4, Set the vehicle in reverse gear, then identify the wire that feeding the reverse light from the rear light cluster. Tie the red trigger wire with the positive terminal of the correct wire. 

Step 5, Mount the Backup Camera to the rear of the vehicle.

2, How to save important footage?
As H610 records on a loop, you’ll need to make sure that important video footage that you want to keep will be well saved. You can do this simply by pressing the emergency lock button on your dash cam:

When pressed, the current footage of your recording becomes protected and won’t be overwritten when the camera continues to record, the protected footage can only be removed manually on the SD card.The total amount of video footage stored depends on the size of SD card being inserted. The H610 dash cam supports SD cards with a capacity up to 128GB, if using a full capacity 128G SD card, your dash should be able to record about 8 hours.

 3, How to contact the sales service? 

We understand sometimes you’ll need to contact us during your purchase, you can easily reach out to us through Facebook Messenger and we’ll do our best to help you out. 

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