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VanTop H612 Mirror Dash Cam 2.5K HD With GPS

GPS/Voice Control/2.5K HD Front Camera/Dual Camera/Emergency Sensor/12''IPS Touch Screen/Reversing Assistance/Loop Recording/Supports Max 128G SD card/Lapse Mode/Easy Installation

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H612 Mirror
Dash Cam

Your reliable companion en route

H612 Dash Cam

The 2.5K HD mirror dash cam captures crystal-clear footages, and it's built-in GPS accurately records the car's position, speed and the real-time driving route to make sure your every journey is under control.

GPS Tracking

Ultra HD 2.5K Front
Camera & Rear Camera

12'' Full Touch Screen

170° Wide Field of View

Superb Night Vision

G sensor

Parking Monitor

Supports 128G SD Card

Real-time GPS Tracking

The built-in GPS of H612 records the car's position, speed and the real-time driving route, ensuring every journey is trackable.

Smart Voice Recognition

A new way to give orders to your H612! Turn on its Speech Recognition function and say instructions like "turn on screen" to control the dash cam without moving a finger.

Ultra HD 2.5K Front Camera & Rear Camera

H612 features Full HD 2560*1440P resolution in the front camera and 1920*1080P resolution in the rear camera so that it captures everything in crystal clear details. Moreover, its 6-layer glass lens further enhances the image and video quality.

12'' IPS Large Touch Screen

The 12'' IPS large touch screen has a high transparency of 75% and lets the viewer see a more vivid display of the surroundings on the way. You can simply enjoy the fascinating contents using your fingertips with no lag.

Extraordinary Wide Field of View

H612 adopts 170°wide-angle front camera and 160°ultra wide rear camera to capture videos with zero dead angle.

Superior Night Vision

With the advanced Sony IMX335 image sensor, H612 is able to capture high-quality images and videos even under low-light conditions, making your night driving as safe as you drive during daytime.

Parking Mode

Under the parking mode, H612 will automatically start recording a 20-second video when it detects any car vibration to protect your legal rights.

Highly Responsive G Sensor

When detecting a shock or collision, the dash cam will automatically lock the current video to avoid it being overwritten thanks to the built-in gravity sensor, ensuring that no important footage will be lost.

Support 128G SD Card

H612 supports large memory capacity up to 128GB for longer recording time.

More Features of
Vantop H612

Seamless Loop Recording

H612 will record continuously and automatically replace the old footages with new ones, while the important footage will be safely locked and free from being overwritten.

Easy Installation

H612 can be easily installed on your car by only a few steps. First, mount the front camera on your rear view mirror, then install the rear camera on the back of the car before connecting it to the car power source.

Water-proof Rear Camera

The rear camera is both water and dust proof, able to withstand extreme weather and high temperature.

7-metre Long Extension Cord

H612 comes with a 7-metre long extension cord, which is suitable for most cars. Thus, you don't need to purchase an extra extension cord for H612.

Easy Voice Control

The voice control feature of H612 enables you to control the dash cam simply by your verbal orders. How easy that can be!



Customer Feedbacks

I’ve always wanted a dash cam with GPS, VanTop H612 Dash Cam is perfect for me, front & rearview camera, no more worry hitting up other cars when backing up, great image quality with G sensor, feeling secured when I am out now!

Easy to use once everything is all wired up. 2.5K front camera + 1080P rear camera, great video quality, With the camera mounted on rear windshield it gives a nice wide-angle view to see cars coming up on blind spots, this is what I like the best about it.

This is outstanding as a dashcam. The package looks very impressive and contains everything you'll need including the SD card, this is pretty rare with similar products, I have been loving it since the first day

Application Scenes

User Manual




The recorder will go into sleep mode after being inactive for a certain amount of time. Customers can set the time according to their needs. In <Setting---Sleep Mode>, you can select from “1 minute”, “3 minutes”, and “Off”.

1. GPS is in preparation. Please position the receiver facing up for successful GPS reception. When the GPS icon turns green, you can use it normally.

2. GPS signal may be weak under different environments. Try using it in another environment where the GPS signal is strong. When the GPS signal becomes normal, you can accurately record the speed of the car.

1. Go to "Settings"-"Format SD Card" to format the SD card.

2. If you use an old SD card, please format the SD card to FAT32 format on your pc. After that, attach the SD card and try formatting the card with the recorder.

The wire of the rear camera is 7-meter long. If you need an extension cable, check the following two points in advance.

1. Check 4 pin on the interface.

2. A red reverse auxiliary line is required.

User Manual



IPS 11.66 Inch

Display Resolution

320 x 1280



MicroSD card

Support up to 128GB (not included)




Mini USB Port, AV In Port, Memory Card Slot

Sensor(Front Camera)


Sensor(Backup Camera)


Resolution (Front Camera)


Resolution (Backup Camera)


Video Format


Photo Format