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VanTop H610 Mirror Dash Cam 2.5K HD

2.5K HD Front Camera/ Dual Camera/ Emergency Sensor/ 10’’ IPS Touch Screen/ Reversing Assistance/ Loop Recording/Supports Max 128G SD card/Lapse Mode/Easy Installation/Rear View Camera Cable Length: 23ft

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Ultra HD 2.5K Front
Camera & Rear Camera

Extra Wide Field of View

Super Night Vision

Emergency Sensor

Reversing Assistance

Loop Recording

128G SD Card

10'' IPS Touch Screen

Ultra HD 2.5K Front Camera & Rear Camera

Full HD 2560*1440P resolution for the front camera and 1920*1080P for the rear camera, captures everything in detail, the high-sensitivity image sensor combined with an all-glass lens delivers superb live video to the display.

Extra Wide Field of View

The extra wide angle of the front and rear cameras allow for up to 330° of unimpaired video (170° for the front camera and 160° for the rear camera). This feature effectively eliminates blind spots, enhancing driving safety.

Superior Night Vision

Equipped with the advanced Sony IMX 335 sensor, the HD front and rear camera can automatically balance the light and prevent overexposure which provides you with an exceptionally sharp image in all lighting conditions.

Emergency Sensor

The built-in gravity sensor automatically records and locks videos as soon as it detects a sudden collision while parked or driving, to ensure that the most important footage is kept protected, meanwhile the locked videos will be safe from loop recording.

Reversing Assistance

The rear view cam switches to the full screen HD reversing image with a guide line when the vehicle is in reverse, no need to turn around.

10'' IPS Super Responsive Touch Screen

The 10’’ IPS super responsive touch screen displays super clear front and rear traffic conditions in real time, the interface is easy to navigate and all operations can be easily executed by swiping your fingers.

Loop Recording

Loop Recording will automatically overwrite the earliest existing unlocked footage when the SD card is full to ensure continuous ongoing recording. With loop recording, you don’t have to worry about purchasing additional SD cards when thecapacity is full.

Simple Installation

H610 can be easily installed with a few simple steps: Mount the front camera over the original rear view mirror with the rubber straps, install the rear camera on the license plate or above and connect the rear camera to the main unit.

Weather-Proof Rear Camera

Alongside the advanced reversing system, the rear camera features a wide angle lens to help you reverse safely in all weather conditions.

Anti-jamming Design

Adopted USB anti-jamming car charger and anti-jamming rear cable; internal main board adopts shielding treatment to resist AM / FM / navigation / wireless key / ETC jamming.

Withstand Extreme Temperature

The H610 enables great endurance, allowing for operation at temperatures between -4°F to 140°F.

Multiply Security with 6-layer Lens

H610 applies an advanced 6-layer highly permeable optical lens to eliminate glare and produce the top-quality image.

Support Max 128G SD Card

H610 supports Max 128G Micro SD card, ensures you that all of the essential details will be recorded.







Customer Feedbacks

"At about half the price of most other dual mirror dash cam systems out there, this is the best bang for the buck you'll find. This system contains most of the core features you'll need - great low light / night image quality, g sensorsfor parking and collision modes, and loop recording."

"After many homeworks, I finally chose this Item and I am very shocked by its amazing surprises! beautiful case, nice quality, the product itself looks clean and simple, I guarantee you will keep looking at it while you driving case itlooks so clear, and I love the parking mode! It will automatically turn on and start recording after Sensor detected any vibrations, anti theft or hit and run evidence."

"This has been more helpful than I expected. The video recording is awesome....it records both the front view and the rear view at the same time. And if I get hit by someone, the G-Sensor will automatically lock that video so it can besent to the police or the insurance company."

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