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With the wide range of dash cams on the market, many people choose to go with the rearview mirror mounted dash cams. This is mainly because you can easily strap the dashcam on the existing rearview mirror in seconds and it acts as the temporary replacement for your car original issued rearview mirror with the display of the mirror dash cam turned off. It won’t cause any legal issues for the mounting location as it takes the place of the rearview mirror which does not impact on your visibility.

A mirror dash cam offers plenty of merits as far as dash cams go:

  • Super easy to install within simple steps.
  • Low profile, easy to match.
  • Offers both of the front and rear view cameras.
  • Allows you to monitor more of the road condition in real-time.
  • Can act as a backup camera for parking.

VanTop as an industry leader in high-tech electronics has been delivering high-quality outdoor and in-home products around the world, millions of homes and businesses trust VanTop since the establishment.

The VanTop rear view mirror dash cams come with the high-quality monitoring capabilities you’d expect. The dash cams have been specially designed to blend into the car’s interior settings, they don’t require any professional help during the installation drive. You’ll just need to mount the dash cam over the original rear view mirror with its adjustable elastic straps.

H610 - Amazon’s #1 Best Seller as It is Widely Chosen by Drivers

VanTop H610 as a modern rear view mirror dash cam has been ranked as the “Amazon’s #1 bestseller” in the category of rear view mirror dash cam since it has captured the minds and hearts of many drivers around the world.

The first thing you can notice about the H610 rear view mirror dash cam is the amazing design, the all-black looking brings a whole new level of fashion and uniqueness so you can easily match the interior design of your car with this sleek and modern rear view mirror dash cam.

In addition to its sleek looking, H610 satisfies various drivers due to its excellent features and powerful additions:

10’’ full LCD touchscreen: It has a high level of responsiveness and zero blind areas, you can touch it easily and adjust the view.

2.5K front and 1080P rear cameras: The 2.5K front camera is embedded in the back of the monitor, records at full HD and can be adjusted by simply drugging it out; The rear camera is 1080P that has to be connected to the main unit with the cable provided in the box.

300 degrees of viewing angle: While the front camera provides 160° viewing angle, the rear camera records at 140°. 300 degree viewing angle is more than enough for recording a road trip to your favorite place and for the ease of parking.

Loop Recording & G Sensor: H610 automatically rewrites old unlocked footage by the loop recording feature; the G-sensor gets activated automatically in the event of a collision for protecting the entire footage inclusive from loop recording.

Super Night Vision: H610 makes night shots brighter and prevents over-exposure that caused by strong light, the advanced technology makes the dash cam automatically change into super night vision when in darkness.

Reversing Assistance: Once the reverse gear gets started, the guideline is displayed by the mirror dash cam to help you when the parking in tight spots that having insufficient lighting.

Supports 128G SD cards at class 10 or above: There is no need to worry about storage space shortage as the seamless loop recording overwrites the old unlocked footage once the memory cards get filled up.

H609 - The Brand New Budget Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

The VanTop H-series mirror dash cam comes with many features and additions that make it a must-have for drivers who value their lives. The H609 HD rear view mirror dash cam is one of the most affordably-priced dash cam out there on the market today. The H609 rear view mirror dash cam is an essential device for all drivers who want to document the happenings on the road in lower budget, it combines several useful features into an affordable package:

HD1080P dual lens recording: Front camera and rear view camera records simultaneously, thus the details in the front and back of the car won’t be missing out.

Up to 330° viewing angle: The 170° wide-angle front camera and the 160° waterproof rear view camera provides up to 330° all-round protection, safeguarding your safety.

10’’ IPS sensitive touch screen: the super large touch screen makes it clearer to view videos from the front and the rear laterally. Compared with other competitors, the resolution of this dash came screen is amazing which will provide you a visual satisfaction.

Rear camera kit for safe reversing: When in reverse, the HD screen will automatically display the full image from the rear view, with the help of the guideline, there is no need to turn around.

Super sensitive G sensor: the G sensor will automatically lock the recorded video when a sudden collision happens, which provides strong evidence in case a dispute happens.

Advanced motion detection: If the H609 is powered on and not recording, the camera will automatically start recording when a moving subject is detected and gives you peace of mind.

Besides the thoughtful and advanced design, customer service of VanTop is also satisfactory along with many positive reviews. There are detailed user manual guides to help the customers to install the cameras, all of the products from our official VanTop website come with a 1-year warranty and 24/7 customer service.

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