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While most of us like to think we’re safe drivers, when you’re on the road, anything can happen. Sometimes, it’s the things you can’t control like the weather. Similarly, you can't control how other people drive on the road and whether they're cautious or not, and the car malfunctions precisely when you least want it to. This is exactly why installing a dashcam on your car is not only a great idea and quirky addition to your car accessories but a reliable way of limiting the consequences of such unexpected events.

VanTop H610 is a great investment as it is more affordable and practical compared to the similar priced brands. The dual camera and a 10-inch super responsive touch-screen allow you to monitor both front and rear scenery. And a 2.5K resolution enables you to see much clearer and the extra-wide field of view eliminates any blind spots completely, letting you drive safely. Moreover, the H610 comes with an advanced Sony IMX 335 sensor that enables the HD front and rear cameras to automatically adjust exposure settings under different lightings, providing you with a sharp quality image no matter what time of day it is. Let’s take a closer look at these features and all the reasons why getting the VanTop H610 for your car is a good idea.

HQ Video & Impressive Night-Vision

Most dash cams these days provide good quality, high-resolution videos, and images, which are perfect for recording your drive during the night. The night vision feature is enabled with the Sony IMX335 “Starvis” sensor which clearly shows the car plates and picks up any movement in the dark with its high sensitivity and low noise capability. Moreover, you can easily spot animals prowling at night and avoid running into them by mistake.

What is more, if you’re not too confident about your reverse parking then the rear camera can be a helpful guide letting you know when the distance is closing in and you’re getting near to a wall or another vehicle.

The VanTop H610 provides super clear, 2.5K video quality with the Sony sensors for driving during the day or the night. The color accuracy is improved and provides wide-angle views for more depth and clarity. Both the front and rear cameras start working as soon as you start the car, which means that at any point during the trip you can easily go back and review a certain section of your driving either in the daylight or the dark.

You Can Say Goodbye to Your Car Park Anxiety

It is normal to feel anxious when you’re trying to squeeze in your car in a tight spot between parked vehicles. No one wants to accidentally scratch up or bump into vehicles that are already parked and then pay for the insurance, which can be a lot depending on the model.

The VanTop H610 dashcam has a reverse aid system which automatically switches on when you’re reversing and provides you parking guidelines on the screen. This way you won’t be craning your neck back and forth, and easily keep your attention focused on your side mirrors.

So, the next time someone tries to point fingers on your driving skills or blames you for any dents or scratches on their car, you’ll have proof to prove otherwise.

Helps You Save Your Hard-Earned Money

As mentioned earlier, the VanTop H610 comes with a reverse aid system that switches on when you shift to the ‘r’ gear, which is great for not messing up your car and those around you.

But what about leaving your car unattended in a place which already looks sketchy and hasn’t won the best neighborhood award in a while? Well, the Vantop dash offers security in such a scenario.

With the Parking Monitor feature enabled, you can go about your merry way knowing that if anyone tries to mess with your car, the G-sensor will easily pick up the slightest vibration and turn on the video camera, capturing everything.

This will be a big worry off your chest knowing that your hard-earned money won’t go to waste and you will have evidence in case of insurance claims.

Helps You Create Memories

After all the talks of security and protecting your vehicle, let’s come to happier times and moments. If you’ve planned a spontaneous road trip or are planning on celebrating a monumental event with your friends in the car it is fun to have those memories captured forever.

Instead of fumbling for a tripod and setting up your phone camera or DSLR, the VanTop H610 dashcam lets you record anything going on outside the car and the unforgettable journey with your friends inside as well.

You can record in both 1080p or 2.5K and depending on the capacity on the SD card. You can store even more memories if you opt for an SD card with a size of 128 GB. The loop recording feature allows the recorder to automatically overwrite existing footage on the SD card when it reaches its maximum limit, always making sure your SD card has enough space to record and store the latest memories.

Be it the clouds on a beautiful day or the sing-along session going on with your family, create time lapses with the Vantop H610 dashcam and create memories that’ll last you forever.

Gives Parents the Peace of Mind They Deserve

When your child gets their driver’s license, it is the same feeling as their first time riding the bicycle, but the stakes get way higher. We’re not talking about minor bruises or bumps, driving a car on a busy motorway or in a deserted road is scary business for a first-timer.

With the dashcam, your mind as a parent will be calm and assured that at least you’ll have proof in case anything goes wrong for your kid on their first day taking the car out on a drive by themselves. Moreover, the video footage will be stored and can be easily reviewed later by you and your child, allowing you to analyze any errors, problems, and things to avoid the next time they’re on the road.

The dashcam will also give your child a healthy reminder that any reckless driving on their part will be recorded which can lead to some grounding if they start driving beyond the safe limit.

Either way, road rage is real and not everyone wakes up with a big smile on their face. With the dashcam, you’ll know how to defend your child if they land themselves in a bad situation.

Forces You into Safe Driving

Reckless drivers are a hazard not only to those around them but to themselves as well.

However, even if you want to report such drivers to the authorities you might lack important information like the driver’s plate number, the make, and model of the vehicle, etc.

Well, the dashcam can help you in that avenue. Whether someone’s making a sharp turn or cutting you off from behind, you can easily make out the car plate number through the recordings made by the dashcam.

What is more, the Vantop H610 dashcam can help you hold yourself accountable if you’re driving recklessly and review your problem areas. Having video footage of your drive will allow you to pin-point exactly what you’re doing wrong on the road, make you more aware of your driving skills and allow you to be more cautious while you’re on the road.

Furthermore, the Vantop H610 dashcam provides a wide field of view of up to 300 °, eliminating any blind spots that may prevent you from seeing the road properly. This 300 ° of the unimpaired video is a great advantage particularly if you’re driving through an area you are not quite familiar with or haven’t been to before. Additionally, this wide field of view is perfect for those traveling long-distances at night.

It is a great investment either way, and the Vantop dashcam is one of the best dash cams for cars to have whether you’re looking for safety, security, monitoring, or making memories.

Final Thoughts

The Vantop H610 dashcam is a wise investment if you’re a commuter and have to cover longer stretches of the road to get to work. Not only will it make sure that you’re driving well (not taking any reckless turns or being a hazard to others), but it also allows you to review the skills of people who might drive your car, like your kids or friends.

The Vantop H610 has a highly durable design and is super easy to install. You can simply mount the dashcam on your car’s rear-view mirror and start using it right away. Overall, the H610 dashcam is a great asset to your car, with its HD DV camera, high-end recording functionality, and external SD/TF card memory to store the footage of the drive easily.

Moreover, with features like the H610 reverse aid system, reversing and parking will become a breeze. All in all, the Vantop H610 dashcam won’t disappoint you and if you’re interested in getting one, you can check it out here.