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The Best Waterproof Action Camera for Water Sports


The waterproof action camera makes it possible to take photos on trips to places other cameras cannot reach. Whether you need an action camera for underwater adventures, or you just need a waterproof camera for the beach, there are hundreds of models to choose from.

These well-protected action cameras can help you to capture unforgettable moments, even when you are underwater. They are usually not only waterproof, but also freezeproof, crushproof, and shockproof, which gives you the ultimate in shooting versatility.

But how can you choose the best waterproof action camera? You need to answer a few questions first:

  • How much do you want to spend?
  • Do you need a specific mode to capture moving objects?
  • How important is video quality for you?
  • Do you want to shoot videos or photos, or both?

Now, let's learn more about the best waterproof action cameras on the market.



Waterproof Action Camera Reviews

These cameras are designed to survive even the harshest environments and the most arduous applications - and deliver high-quality videos and photos in the process.

There are numerous reasons why you might need an action camera you may take with you into the water. You can use it to capture subaquatic scenes when you are searching for tropical shoals while snorkeling around a reef, when dive-bombing the hotel pool, or when rafting on the river.

Some action cameras offer excellent image stabilization to deliver shake-free, hyper stable, and stunning footages. Others let you dive as deep as 100 feet as you fish for the ideal shot you can share on your YouTube diving channel. And some cameras, such as VanTop Moment 6S and VanTop 5C, can do both.

Most action cameras also offer numerous other features, including Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS location tagging, action-oriented extras like altimeters, as well as specific shooting modes (time-lapse or slow-motion). So what are the best waterproof action cameras?



Best Waterproof Action Cameras

In terms of the best waterproof action camera, there might be several answers like Gopro and Naxa waterproof 4K action cameras. But today we are going to talk about Moment 6S and Moment 5C from VanTop, which are outstanding products as well.


1. VanTop Moment 6S

The VanTop Moment 6S is an excellent option for those who want to get a high-end action camera and stay on budget. This model offers exceptional build quality and unique technical specifications for a quite affordable price.

With VanTop Moment 6S, you will get high-resolution photos that can even be stabilized if you are on rough terrain. You can use the time-lapse feature to capture the best of nature or slow the things down to capture amazing slow-mo videos. No matter what type of adventure you are on - this camera allows you to smoothly capture your memories, making your dream a reality.

 waterproof action camera


  • Waterproof up to 100ft

Although the camera itself is not waterproof, you can use an included case to make it waterproof up to about 100 feet deep. All water sport enthusiasts will love this feature, as it makes this model a great choice for chilling in the pool or snorkeling near the beach. This waterproof case will also protect your camera from sand and dust.


  • 8x Slow Motion

Experts in VanTop know that everything looks cooler in slow motion. For this reason, they added the 8x slow-motion feature to their 6S model. It allows you to notice even the smallest details and makes your experience more enjoyable.


  • Native 4K/60FPS

The camera's resolution and frame rate let you capture sharp, high-quality photos. Whether you are moving or taking still shots, you will like the way your VanTop Moment 6S captures details.


  • 170°View of Field

If you want to capture more of the background or a group of people, the increased field of view is a must.


  • Dual Screen

The high-resolution dual-screen allows you to better understand the shooting process. It makes it easier to navigate through numerous available options like zoom, brightness, and shooting mode. The second screen helps you quickly check on things like Wi-Fi, time, and battery life.


  • Wireless Remote Control

The wireless remote control allows you to do various things, such as turning off the camera, taking pictures, shooting videos, and turning the Wi-Fi on and off.


Vantop Moment 6S is a small gadget that can easily fit your jacket pocket. Nevertheless, this model has a lot to offer, especially for its price tag. It is one of the leaders of the market, and for good reason. Vantop Moment 6S will surely be the best companion for all your adventures.



2. VanTop Moment 5C

VanTop Moment 5C is a brand-new budget action camera. You will love it for its affordable price, innovative solutions, and impressive technical specifications. Now, let's see what are the camera's main features.

 waterproof action camera


  • Waterproof Case

The Moment 5C's compact waterproof case has enhanced the intuitiveness and ease of taking photos and recording videos underwater. Moreover, it allows you to wander around 100 feet underwater.


  • Versatile Action Camera

VanTop Moment 5C, with all its features (burst photos, long exposure photos, Fast Motion, Slow Motion, time-lapse, and many more), will help you to relive your memories in new perspectives. Besides, you will get several mounting accessories compatible with GoPro cameras and two rechargeable 1050mAh batteries.


  • Perfect Built Quality

This action camera, with its rugged body designed to be used in the toughest situations, is an excellent choice for surfing, drifting, and swimming.


  • Easy-to-use Controls

You can easily adjust the camera's settings using an intuitive 2" touch screen and built-in Wi-Fi.


VanTop Moment 5C is probably the best budget waterproof action camera you can find. Although it costs less than $100, Moment 5C has a better build quality than most of its competitors.Not to mention the touchscreen that works as well as your smartphone's one and the unbelievable amount of mounts and accessories that are included. Add the video quality and the Electronic Image Stabilization system, and you see why this camera is so good.



In The End

As you can see, the waterproof action camera is a must-have for all water sport enthusiasts. This gadget allows you to take amazing photos and capture unforgettable moments. Many manufacturers claim to offer the best waterproof action camera on the market, but only a few come close. VanTop, with its Moment 5C and Moment 6S, is one of them. These models are a blend of high-quality materials and the latest technology, and they are probably the best products for that price.