Action cameras are not like any other kind of camera, they are designed to be mounted to helmets, skateboards, bicycles and other objects. They are rugged, small and easy to operate, with a lens that captures the world in HD video. When it comes to the best action camera that live up to the fierce competition, GoPro is the most famous name that comes to mind since they invented this whole action camera genre. GoPro has excellent image quality and hypersmooth stabilization plus TimeWarp 2.0 and improved HDR photography, yet they are priced at a premium.


When it comes to key features about action cameras, most can shoot 4K footage, though some perform better than others, offering larger frame rates for smooth footage, while the very best action cameras have solid image stabilization systems to make most of it. Action cameras are basically for shooting videos, the best action cameras can also shoot decent still images. Others features to consider while looking for the best action camera include Wi-Fi, APP control, remote control… They can improve the filming experience and make things more convenient. Moment 6s meets all of the requirements of being in the best action cameras team, if you can’t stretch the budget to get the latest GoPro, you can consider Moment 6S as a budget alternative. 


Moment 6S is easy to use

Moment 6s has a touchscreen at the back and a LCD screen at the front, as well as external buttons that turn the camera on and off, change the modes, start and stop recording. The operation of the Moment 6S is handy and intuitive, most of the options are available within the 2.33″ touchscreen on the back. This touchscreen is quite responsive to the touch and these menus are easy to move around in. From the touchscreen, you can switch between the various modes of the camera, and access the individual settings of each mode.


Want mounts? Moment 6S has them all.

Open the box that comes with Moment 6S and you will be shocked at how much you get for your money: A waterproof case, several mounts, a remote control, a spare battery and an external microphone. Almost all of the action cameras are compatible with the standard GoPro mounting package, but Moment 6S makes it really easy to change them in and out as you need, since you have all of the right parts.



GoPro wins at image quality, but Moment 6S gets close.

GoPro is the benchmark for action cameras, but the image quality is really good for the price range. It goes up to 4K at 60 frames per second. You can also take images up to 12MP at 4:3 or up to 8MP at 16:9. It offers the ability to send images and videos to your smartphone via Wi-Fi, where you can use their app to edit and share content to one of your favorite social network. It is also companion apps on Android or iOS that let you start recording, view the live image, transfer footage to your phone, or even livestream easily.


SmoothFlow Stabilization 

Stabilization is one of the most important features on an action camera, otherwise the epic big rides or skate tricks would make you sick when watching the footage. GoPro has its own version of built-in electronic image stabilization named HyperSmooth that film things like filmed on a gimbal, and it works at most resolution and framerates, including 4K/60fps. Moment 6S offers its own electronic image stabilization and supports up to 4K/60fps as well which out-wining the action cameras in GoPro alternatives.



Waterproof of Moment 6S is solid as well

Some of the cheap waterproof GoPro alternatives are merely splash-proof, they can be submerged easily and they are just resistant to rain droplets or slight splashes. Each camera will come with a guideline as to how deep it can work, this makes a difference when considering what are you going to do with your camera. If you want to take the camera underwater, Moment 6S would be a solid choice since it allows you to dive deep to 30 meters.



There are a large number of action cameras available on the market, GoPro cameras are certainly the best that money can buy, but if you do a bit of research around, there are plenty of deals to be had that can get you either similar devices at much lower price range or higher-spec devices at similar price range. Since offerings from unknown manufacturers could be tricky, having a Moment 6S would always be a decent choice, on top of the advanced features,1 year guarantee is also available if you purchase through the official website.