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“We firmly believe that great imaging and sensing technologies should be easy to access and wide-spreading”, Says Vincent Zheng, CEO of VanTop. “ Therefore we created this easy operating Moment 6s by top-notch technologies with high quality.” Followed on the success of previous Moment 4 and detailed studies on customers’ feedbacks, alongside the efforts of leveling up the technical capabilities, the VanTop team is now able to provide premium experience for its customers with VanTop Moment 6S – a wallet-friendly action camera that not only meets all of the expectations from action camera lovers, but also out-win the competitors in the market.


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This Moment 6S records up to 60fps in 4k resolution which brings the headline resolution in the market, beyond that, it has several combinations of resolutions and framerates available. The 12 MP Sony sensor produces stunning daylight footage and satisfactory night time video recordings, nevertheless, the 170° wide-angle lens is made for enhancing the scale of your images. On top of that, Moment 6S offers in-camera SmoothFlow stabilization which makes your footage much smoother and less twitching.


Dual screen design enhances your control over the footages: The main touchscreen is highly responsive and the menu system is intuitive. Detailed system options will be presented by touching the small cog at the lower right corner, such as: language, Wi-Fi on/off, front display, indicator lights, rotation, brightness, external microphone on/off, different user interface etc. Zooming is easy and direct on the home screen; album, format of shooting, shooting mode (video lapse, slow motion, photo lapse, burst mode, car mode etc.) and other options can be easily selected by touching the corresponding lower icons. The other screen provides essential information such as time and battery usage.


USB Type-C port is on the side of the camera for charging, offloading media and connecting an external microphone. Wi-Fi is integrated, you can easily control Moment 6S wirelessly through VanTop’s mobile APP, both Android and iOS systems are supported. Once downloaded and paired with the Moment 6S, the APP gets complete control over the camera and provides a live feed of what camera is recording with minimal lag, regardless of the shooting mode. 


This Moment 6S also brings one wireless remote control, two batteries (each battery records video up to 90 minutes) and other essential accessories to the table, such as a waterproof case, charging cable, several mounting accessories for different occasions.


Feel This Moment 

With VanTop’s passion and different ways of combing the top-notch technology solutions with great value, this is the very moment for customers to feel the extraordinary moments of life. In the meantime, thoughtful warrants and friendly after-sale services will be timely provided.