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You probably have heard about dash cams and thought they are only designed for paranoid drivers: Why would you have to record everything that happens in front and behind of you while you are driving? Well, there are many reasons, have you ever considered the numerous ways they could come in handy in your daily driving? 


Here are a few strong reasons to consider a dash cam.

1, You have first-hand evidence of a car accident. 

This is by far the main reason for car owners investing their time and money into a dash cam. With a dash came, any car accidents that you are involved in will be timely recorded. It can be rather frustrating to be involved in an accident and even though it wasn’t your fault, you are held accountable. With the recorded proof, you can prove that who should be responsible for the car accident; without the video evidence, it can be difficult to prove your innocence. 


The dash cam could be the strongest and the most efficient proof you have for defending yourself, in case of a car crash. 


2, You can efficiently prevent parking accidents. 

Parking dreads a lot of new drivers. Some people struggle with it, others simply hate it, and some have a tendency to scraping other cars. Have you ever experienced finding your beloved car scratched or seriously damaged, remembering that it was perfectly intact when you parked it the other night? Are you exhausted of your parking neighbor scratching your car when trying to pull theirs out? If you are tired of your car being scratched by an irresponsible neighbor or random drivers in parking lots, you can easily catch them in action by installing a dash cam so that your damage will be paid out by those who are responsible for it.On the other hand, a well-installed dash cam can effectively record vandals who are trying to break into your car, especially if you leave your car unattended in public places or in areas that are poorly lit. One of the greatest advantages of dash cams like H610 is that you can leave it throughout nights without turning the engine on, since the G-sensor can detect collision then starts recording immediately, and the video will be protected from loop recording. On top of that, the reversing assistance of H610 helps you to park your car precisely, so that you can prevent parking accidents initially. 



3, A dash cam could be the perfect solution for reckless drivers. 

 Another strong reason why you should consider having a dash cam is because it will help you to report reckless drivers. Every driver has had encountered at least one reckless driver throughout the “driving career”. There is no doubt that those reckless and irresponsible drivers can be upsetting and annoying; on the other hand, they might actually put other drivers and passengers in vital danger. However, reporting the undisciplined behavior of a reckless driver can be a tricky task, as this always requires proof.This is where the dash cam steps in and helps. The dash cam was not created as an accident-prevention device but instead a recording device so that you have an unbiased proof of what happened. For example, the 2.5K HD front camera and 1080P rear camera of H610 record everything in detail, plus super night vision and ultra-wide angle, it is designed to provide you with crisp and detailed recordings. You can use it for recording undisciplined drivers who text and drive or drunk drivers, you can also use it for reporting accidents and such.



4, You can prevent fraud. 

Insurance fraud is one of the most miserable problems for insurance companies and drives when it comes to vehicles and traffic. It is getting more and more common that some drivers purposely cause car damages just to put the blame on the counterpart to extort money from the victim. By doing this, not only can these drivers use it as an opportunity to get money from you but they will also claim even bigger payment from your insurance company. Those who commit the fraud claim that they have suffered from whiplash and back pain, but some people go much further.When you install dash cam in your car you are able to prevent these scammers extorting money from you and your insurance, and having them taken care of by the law. With consideration to how much a dash cam costs, it is so much more worthy than paying your hard-worked money to those scammers to avoid going to trial or call the police to solve things out.



5, The Dash Cam gives you peace of mind. 

Are you a proud parent whose child just got the driver‘s license? Your friends or family are always borrowing your car? Are you a driving instructor and you are worried about the driving status without your supervision? Well, dash cams are all about safety and security, thus it will give you peace of mind.Your car may be one of your most valuable assets and it is totally normal to worry about it and its integrity. Dash cams can provide you with the insight into driver habits and behaviors, so that you can narrow down who should be allowed to drive your car and who you shouldn’t let anywhere near to the keys.One the other hand, Dash cams really help with keeping the police on their toes. Everyone is safer and better off when authorities play by the regulations and do what they are supposed to do. Having a dash cam is the best way to ensure that you won’t get caught up in an improper lawsuit. Whenever and wherever you start your engine, the dash cam will begin recording so that if you run into any problems, you have solid proof at your fingertips.  



6, You can record your road trips. 

Road trips are a great way to enjoy time with your loved ones and create some great memories so that you will remember for the rest of your life. Do you want to turn your road trips into an unforgettable journey so that you can save and watch, whenever nostalgia kicks in? 

If so, a dash cam is certainly a great investment that will help, so that you can relive these memories. The bigger the SD card storage, the more memories you can store, thus H610 can be a great choice since it supports SD cards up to 128 G at class 10 or above. If you are a creative person, you can even go an extra mile with these recordings and transfer them to your computer, create fun videos with background music, commentary, and still photos. Nevertheless, the time-lapse mode of H610 helps to create a more cinematic feel of your recordings. 



7, The Bottom Line 

To sum it all up, a dash cam is a great investment, especially since it is very cost-effective and has a very straightforward design. For example, the operation system of H610 is made simple and intuitive; emergency sensor, reversing assistance and loop recording is come in handy. On top of that, the price is totally wallet-friendly, with in-time customer service and one-year guarantee, your driving experience will be double-secured.