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How To Choose A Small Action Camera


The small action camera has been the latest trend in town for a while now. They have made action photography and videography so much easier for habitual and professional content creators. They are small, convenient, and provide high-quality, desirable results. Currently, more small action cameras are appearing on the market, thanks to the rising demand. Their progressively smaller size means advancement in technology and more convenience for us as well.

But with the increasing amounts of options on the shelves, there has also been a rise in indecisiveness. Which action camera is the best and how to choose a small action camera are some popular questions now. Today, we will talk about just that!


The Smallest action camera- Opkix One

For many years, Opkix One was famous as the smallest action camera. For those who don't know, Opkix is a technology brand that launched the smallest HD video camera back in 2018-2019. Quite immediately, the product made a massive wave in the market.

small action camera

The camera had a 1920 X 1080 HD resolution at 30 frames per second. It gave you a record time of 15 minutes continuous per camera with 4GB storage. Plus, the small action camera is waterproof and extremely lightweight. You could take it around swimming and traveling without worrying about damaging it or carrying extra weight.


Other specs included an egg storage 16GB with a maximum of 70 minutes of capture on a single charge. The camera was made of aerospace aluminum, and the lens was sapphire glass. Plus, charges maximally in less than an hour. What's more, you could also easily connect it to other devices through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to transfer your files. Opkix offered an application that you could download on your phone and easily connect the camera to your gadget.


However, so many people became an immediate fan of the small action camera due to its high-quality results. Image stabilization, high-resolution, and fast adjustability was just what the consumer population needed. Furthermore, Opkix One was water and blast resistant, which made it very versatile and useful. Thus, for a long while, people naturally loved it and considered the best small action camera on the market. Even today, the product has a huge fan following because of how convenient and effective it is. However, as time passed, many of its consumers realized that certain aspects of the camera could be improved.


What is the best small action camera?

Although it might be really amazing to see such a tiny action camera, considering its practical application, it is not the first choice. Why?


- Easy to lose

Such a tiny size has it's pros and cons. While it is incredibly effortless to carry around, it is also equally easy to lose. Putting it in your pouch, bag, or anywhere else where you cannot feel it is a significant risk. You could lose your data, and more importantly, it is a significant loss of money since these cameras are quite expensive.


- Hard to know whether it is on

Since it is so small and has an even smaller click button, you have absolutely no feeling of pressing the camera shutter key. Because of this, hundreds of consumers complained that they never knew whether they clicked the photo. For a professional or enthusiastic photographer, missing the opportunity to capture a good photo is a huge loss, and it's very annoying!


-Comparatively less storage

If you are going to buy an action camera, the chances are that you want to record your adventures, events, and other such valuable content. Naturally, you would want a camera that would allow you to store large amounts of data. Opkix One did not allow that and had a smaller storage capacity. Users noticed this very soon and wanted to change this particular feature about the product.


The ideal small action camera should be small enough to carry comfortably but large enough to reduce the chances of losing it. It should be able to give you plenty of storage and allow users to put it in their hands for taking photos and videos. They should also be able to attach it to other items such as motorcycles and helmets.


To combat these problems and introduce a new small action camera with all these features, Vantop launched its Moment series. This series includes technologically advanced and convenient action cameras with all the features that the audience wanted.

It has a size small enough for easy portability but large enough, so you don't lose it. Plus, it has a 4K resolution with an anti-shake feature to produce smooth, high-quality, and stable results. You can adjust the FOV and other settings, such as brightness, etc.

What's more, you can also make a slow-motion and time-lapse video with the latest moment cameras. The Vantop Moment cameras also come with a waterproof case. So, you can take it diving and swimming with you, without the risk of damaging it.

The touch screen 2.45 inches LCD is also a modern addition to the camera, which improves and enhances its usability. In the latest camera of Moment Series, 6S, you also get a smaller screen at the front that displays the camera settings value record yourself. Also, the cameras in this series are much less expensive than the Opkix One, with equal and better features.


Small And Optimum

In conclusion, even though Opkix One was a trending sensation in the world photography and videography, with modernization, people expected more. Thus, if you are looking for a small action camera that is more technologically advanced, budget-friendly, and accessible, the Vantop Moment Series is the perfect way to go. Why? Because it is the optimum size, delivers the best results, you can travel with it and take it underwater, and it still doesn't punch a hole in your wallet. These features together make it the perfect option for professional and habitual content creators.