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How to Review Action Cameras?

Sometimes it can be hard to identify the best action camera for your budget. There are so many brands claiming to have the best action cameras in the state. However, all brands of action cameras cannot be the best. Understanding the features that a good action camera should possess can help you make the right decision.

Reading hundreds of reviews online will not help you if you do not understand a fantastic action camera's characteristics. Understanding the specs makes it simpler for you to browse through online stores and find what you want. This article will explain the aspects you need to consider when buying an action camera.

Why Do You Need An Action Camera?

Action cameras are a popular accessory for individuals who love to do outdoor activities. You can capture pictures of all the interesting places that you go to explore. The latest brands have developed small, portable, and waterproof for all kinds of sports. You can carry an action camera to the beach when surfing or mountains when hiking.

Additionally, there are terrific action cameras that are available at affordable process. You do not have to put a dent in your bank account to get one of those little cameras. Now that you know it is a good idea to buy an action camera, what should you consider?

What Should Consider when Reviewing an Action Camera?

There are a few factors to consider when reviewing various action cameras in the market. It is essential to do your review and compare the pros and cons. Understanding the standard requirements of an action camera gives you a baseline of the features you should consider.

Places for Mounting

Mounting an action camera leaves both free hands to explore or enjoy a sport. Therefore, you need to find a camera that has mounting accessories. The most popular places to mount an action camera include the helmet, the bike, board, or the body. You need to know the place you would like to mount your camera before making a purchase. Some types of sports will determine the ideal place for mounting the cameras to get the best view.

Mounting Options

It is possible to find one camera that comes with multiple mounting options. The popular mounts include side mounts, top mounts, and bottom mounts. Sports like surfing require you to mount an action camera to the top of a surfboard. Other sports like rock climbing need you to use top mounts on your helmet. You may opt to buy one camera and buy multiple types of mounts. Therefore, it is ideal that you find a camera that is compatible with different kinds of camera mounts.

Picture Quality

The picture quality will depend on a few factors. First, your camera should have a resolution of 720p or 1080p as the least resolution. That is the standard resolution for HD cameras. If you have the money, you can invest in a 4K action camera. 4K resolution is equivalent to four times the resolution of an HD camera.

Second, you must consider the frames per second (fps) of your videos. Standards TVs and Camcorders handle 24 or 30fps. An expensive action camera can shoot up to 60fps, and some can shoot up to 120fps. Cameras that can shoot higher frames per second can produce crisp videos in small motion. Third, you need to consider the clarity of still photos. Sometimes it is essential to take clear photos to show off your stunts. Action cameras that have higher megapixels tend to produce clearer photos. A camera with 10-12 MP should be able to produce sharp photos.

Battery Life

An action camera's battery life can last anywhere from 2-hours to 8-hours depending on capacity and use. You must buy a camera that comes with a decent size battery. However, choosing an extremely large battery can affect the weight of the camera.

Even when you have a camera with batteries that last long, some adventures may take you longer than expected. You need to invest in a portable charger and multiple batteries. Multiple batteries allow you to switch out the dead batteries. Therefore, you won't run out of charge when you are in the middle of an exciting adventure.

Ease to Use

It can be frustrating when you buy a gadget, and it proves difficult to use. Whichever action camera you choose to buy, it should come with instructions. You can also search on the manufacturer's website and see whether they have an instruction video. It can be irritating when you cannot mount your camera appropriately because you have no clue how to do it.

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of your camera will determine the amount of data you can store on your camera. Some action cameras come with large internal storage space for storing videos or photos. You can opt for a camera that allows you to expand the memory using a micro-SD card. Be careful when selecting a camera with expandable memory. Some of them have a limit to the size of the Micro-SD card that they can accommodate. Also, confirm that you can seamlessly transfer your data from your camera to your laptop.


The cost of an action camera will depend on the features that the camera has. Simple action cameras can cost as little as $65, and it is enough for simple sports. High-end action cameras can cost as much as $350, and they come with top of the line features. You can find an action camera within your budget with a little research. You don't have to spend a fortune and buy top of the line action cameras to make decent videos. You can get a fantastic action camera at a range of $100-$150.

Safety and Insurance

An action camera can help keep you safe when you are out doing dangerous sports. Sometimes the footage can show the source of injuries. On the other hand, it is essential to consider how safe a camera is whenever outdoors. Most outdoor sports will require you to mount your action camera to use both your hands. Consider a mounting option that will keep the camera in place when undertaking active sports.

You can opt to insure your action camera if it cost a significant amount of money. Professionals should consider insuring their action cameras. Insurance companies replace your camera in case of accidental damage, loss, or theft. Malicious damage by third parties is also covered under several insurance policies. However, the company won't compensate when you damage your camera due to negligence.


Reading online reviews from other users can be eye-opening when you are shopping for an action camera. Buyers tend to give honest opinions about their experiences of using certain brands of action cameras. You can visit forums of sports that you like and see what brands other outdoor lovers recommend. Platforms like Facebook can be a huge source of peer information from relevant groups. Be cautious when reading reviews and ensure you read reviews from credible websites.

How to Mount Actions Cameras on Bikes?

There are two main ways of attaching action camera mounts securely for outdoor activities. You can use the following techniques when mounting a camera on different kinds of bikes. You can attach a camera mount using adhesives or screw-clamps.

Using Self-Adhesive Mounts

The simplest form of the self-adhesive mount is suction mounts. The mounts have suction cups at the end that use suction to stay attached to handlebars of a bike. The first step of applying suction mounts is to clean the target area and let it dry. Apply the suction mounts and test them to see whether they are well attached.

The other mounts that use a strong adhesive can be a little rough terrain. The process is the same as that for suction mounts. However, read the manufacturer's instructions carefully and follow them to the latter. The adhesive is strong, and you need to be careful when applying it. Avoid accidentally touching the adhesive with bare hands.

Using Screw-Clamp Mounts

Screw-clamp mounts may take a while to install, but they are the best option for rough terrains. It would be best if you took your time to install a screw-clamp camera mount. The mounts come with all the necessary tools for the setup. Follow the manufacturer instructions and attach the mount correctly. Ensure you store the tools securely for when you need to remove the camera mount.


Finding the right action camera can help you document memorable moments when you are enjoying the great outdoors. The ideal action camera for beginners and amateurs will not cost a lot of money. However, professionals need to buy high-end cameras to ensure that viewers enjoy a high level of clarity. Understanding the features that a practical action camera should have will go a long way in helping you make the right choice.

Many brands claim to produce the best action cameras. You can create a list of the things that you desire in an action camera and go shopping. Some people will need a high storage capacity while others optimize clarity or battery life. You are now better positioned to identify the attributes you want and review the various action cameras available in online stores.