How to Use the Modes of Moment 6S?

Moment 6S offers multiple modes to help you to be a filming expert. 


1, 8X Slow Motion 

The 8X slow motion of Moment 6s can help you to reinforce your stories or highlight crucial actions and details in your footage. 

(Select the middle-bottom menu>Slow Motion> the second from the right bottom icon>detailed options)Moment 6S offers several choices of slow motion frame rates, ranging from 60fps to 240 which gives us the freedom to shoot slow motion at different speeds.


2, zoom in& zoom out
The digital zoom works well on Moment 6S, you can zoom easily in video and photo modes: 


  • Touch the small magnifying icon at the upper right for zooming in 
  • Touch the small minifier icon at the lower right for zooming out



3, Time Lapse Mode

Time lapse can be considered as the opposite of slow motion, it compresses a long time period in a short time sequence. Moment 6s offers 2 main time lapse modes, Photo Lapse and Video Lapse: 


 1)Photo Lapse Mode


2)Video Lapse Mode

(Select the bottom-middle menu>Video Lapse> the second from the right bottom icon>detailed options)


In this setting, Moment 6S shoots videos at different intervals from 3 seconds to 30 minutes. Since Moment 6S offers 4K resolution, shooting time lapse in that quality will give you more freedom of editing during post-production. 


4, Burst Mode (Still Photography)

Burst way is a great way to capture fast -moving action, burst mode captures a preset number of photos in a predefined length of time, with Moment 6S, you can take up to 30 photos in 1 second: 

Select the bottom-middle menu>Burst Mode> the second from the right bottom icon>detailed options.