Skiing and snowboarding are eye-catching activities for photography, the ski season is in full swing and Moment 6S made its first skiing trip at Kühtai ski resort – Austria’s highest ski resort which is known for its solid skiing slopes and family-friendly facilities.


Why Moment 6S for Skiing? 

Moment 6S offers plenty of resolution options with a clear focus on shooing the best quality videos possible, it comprises 7 lays of glass for adding clarity and reducing distortion, featuring 170° field of view, powerful Ambarella chip and SONY sensor, Moment 6S is born to drive the show. 8x digital zoom function is made to capture those extreme action close-ups while SmoothFlow stabilization helps to deliver smooth footage during the bumpiest activities. The Moment instant share APP (iOS/ Android) is easy to operate yet simple to share – footage transfer takes place over 2.4GHz or 5GHz connections.



What Moment 6S settings for skiing?

Skiing or snowboarding is one of the many moving scenes for which Moment 6S had fully prepared, so when you set the camera to auto exposure, you can totally enjoy your movements while the excellent quality footage will be recorded. While skiing, it is necessary to use it in the waterproof case to keep is safe from the snow and scratches on the way.



The 170° grand angle enables Moment 6S to capture footage at the full height of the sensor then crisply stretches the edges to fill the frame. When you come to edit your footage, you’ll have larger scope to crop the frame and capture the action. If you want to capture a jump, it is always nice to use Moment 6S’s slow motion, based on the decent framerate, Moment 6S boosts the slow motion to 8X slow motion which will make your footage more impressive.



Setting the frame rate to 60 fps is ideal for skiing, since the faster the frame rate, the smoother footage you will capture. When you are skiing, the scenery will be flashing past you, so it is necessary for you to shoot with high frame rate to keep up and avoid a blurry video.


How to Skiing with Moment 6S?


1, The key of getting great footage is to shoot from different angles, you can alternate your camera to a variety of positions or shift between different mounts. 

2, It is also necessary to shoot in similar conditions for continuity, ideally you want to shoot the same action a variety of times or repeat the action in similar conditions. This will provide certain continuity when you edit the footage and select between the different angles which will make your video more creative and cinematic. 

 3, If you are videoing other skiers, it would be better to shoot from closer to make them appear lager in the frame. It would be tricky to video fast skiers, you can pick a slope that is not too challenging and explain to them that they need to slow down a bit. Or if you can, try to ski in front or to either side of them to get footage from a variety angles for a more cinematic feeling.