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Already got your fresh Moment 6s and can’t wait to test it? We have prepared this exclusivefull course of how to get started with Moment 6s for you, come and let’s have a look:

Part One: Ingredient – Accessories and Buttons of Moment 6S


1. What’s in the Box?

Moment 6s offers a whole range of accessories in the box to meet the needs of various sports scenes:


2. What are the Buttons?

The buttons of Moment 6s are made intuitive for simple use:


3. How to choose the SD card?

Moment 6S doesn’t come with a SD card as standard, preparing a proper SD card would be a must before enjoying your full course. Here are some quick recommendations for the best SD cards to use in Moment 6S. These following listed SD cards have a proven track record of reliability and performance, which are available at major retailers: 


4. How to format SD cards?

Formatting the SD card regularly would keep it in good working conditions, before formatting, make sure that you have backed up all of the files in your SD card. Formatting the SD card in Moment 6S isn’t complicated, you can find the option under: Tap the cog icon at the right bottom on the touch screen>Format>OK.


Part Two: Starter – Basic Setups

1. How to unbox the camera?



2. How to charge the camera?

Plug in to the USB on your computer, or connect it to the any adaptor you have; the red indicator on the left side of the front screen means it is charging meanwhile the blue indicator means the charging is finished. Currently the batteries need to charge for 2 hours.


3. How to change the back doors?

Pull down the back door from one side to another, find the right side and push the bar into the notch.


Always double check and make sure that the door is closed tightly before using.


Part Three: Main Dish – How to Use?

1. How to turn on the Camera? 

Find the power button, press it for 3 seconds:



2. How to change the language? 

 (Tap the cog icon at the right bottom on the touch screen > Language)



3. How to change the framerate? 


(Click on the second left bottom icon and select the framerate you prefer)


How to choose which recording resolution, it is hard to choose them, 4k would be too large for uploading the social media, some computers would be difficult to edit them, as the beginner, we would recommend you to use 1080p, very acceptable, as you are getting advanced, maybe you can level the resolution up.


4. How to connect with Wi-Fi?



Step 1. Turn on the WiFi: Swipe down from the top of the touch screen of Moment 6S and tap WIFI; Or tap to the cog at the right bottom on the touch screen to enter the system settings, tap WIFI>On.

Step 2. Find Wi-Fi “MMT6S_” in your mobile device’s Wi-Fi settings then input the password to get connected.

Step 3. Open the APP on your phone, then tap the “tap to connect” and then you can control your camera by your phone. 


5. How to connect with the Remote?



Step 1. Swipe down the touch screen of Moment 6S, then tap Remote Control;

Step 2. Tap YES to start pairing.

Step 3. Press and hold the Video and Photo buttons simultaneously as instructed by the camera, you will see Pairing Complete on the camera after a successful pairing.

6. How to Delete files?


Step 1. Open your gallery by tapping the gallery icon at the left bottom on the touch screen, choose video files or photo files.

Step 2. Tap the trash can icon and the right bottom then select the files you want to delete, then tap the trash can icon again. 

Step 3. Tap OK to confirm the deletion. 


Part four: Dessert- How to prolong the battery life?

Even though the battery life of Moment 6S is quite long, it still would be better if you keep the batteries in good conditions and apply the following tips:


1. In the beginning, you can fully discharge and recharge the batteries for the first 2-3 times, “Condition” the battery is a solid way of maximize the battery life. 

2. Turn off Wi-Fi (if not needed). 

3. Keep the batteries warm. 

4. Keep your camera firmware up to date. 

5. Avoid controlling Moment 6S from your phone or pairing the remote controller (if not needed).


Part Five: Thank you for choosing Moment 6S

Just like how you wipe your mouth after having a meal, it is also necessary of keeping your camera clean, recurrent usage often results in accumulation of dust particles on the lens, for instance, shooting while cycling may attract dirt, rain droplets and mud to the lens. It is important to keep the camera safe, make sure of cleaning the lens on a regular basis.

We hope you have enjoyed this full course and look forward to hearing your opinions about Moment 6S, @VanTop while sharing your artwork on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc.,) you will get more special treats from our team.

Also, you can constantly check our official website: https://www.vantop.com/ and make sure you won’t miss any other delicious products. 


Enjoy life and feel this Moment.