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Using These 5 Best 4k Action Cameras to Record Your Life

It's almost unbelievable how quickly camera technology has advanced in recent years. In just a few short years, 4k cameras with extremely high definition have become extremely accessible for ordinary people. It's never been easier to find a 4K action camera to document your life and adventures. An action camera is a small, rugged, waterproof camera that you can often mount to either your head or your chest, allowing you to record the action up close and personal. But with so many high-quality action cameras on the market, it can be difficult to make an informed decision. To help with that, we've put together this list of the best 4k action cameras. Read on to find out which option is best for you!

  1. GoPro Hero 8

  2. DJI OSMO Action

  3. Garmin Virb

  4. SJCAM SJ6

  5. Vantop Moment 6s


GoPro Hero 8

GoPro is largely synonymous with action cameras, and with good reason- they produce some of the best and most reliable action cameras on the market today. These are products that you can rely on time and time again. They also offer one of the best 4k 60fps action cameras available: the GoPro Hero. This camera gives you everything you need to jump into the action- literally- and start recording. This camera features 4k video recording, slow motion video, as well as HyperSmooth 2.0 Video Stabilization. This will ensure that no matter what adventures you undertake, your recording will come out smoothly. It also features voice command capabilities, making it perfect for activities where thumbing through menus would be unsafe or simply inconvenient. The only downside is the cost: at a little over $300, the Hero8 is not exactly cheap. 




The DJI OSMO Action offers many of the features as the Hero8, such as 60fps recording and time lapse and slow motion recording. It is also rugged in every sense of the word. It is usable in up to 36 feet of water, and can withstand hot and cold temperature extremes. The OSMO Action features exposure customization, so if you want to personalize your videos, you can alter the way the final product looks. It also comes in as a slightly cheaper option, so if you are looking for a slightly cheaper 4k action camera, this isn't a bad option. However, it does not offer any digital zoom options, and its digital stabilization capabilities are not quite as advanced as its competitors.


Garmin Virb

Although you may know Garmin for their line of navigation devices, they aren't limited to that- they are also in the action camera market! Their Virb model is worth a look if you're in the market for a durable 4k camera. It has some of the most advanced features available for this type of camera, such as full 360-degree video and audio recording, as well as built-in livestreaming capabilities. This means that you will be able to capture your adventures almost exactly the way they happened- isn't that the whole point of an action camera? But it is the most expensive option on this list, so if you are just getting started with action cameras, it may not be the best choice for you.



SJCAM offers a wide range of high quality, cost-effective 4k action cameras. The SJ6 line is one of the best options available if you are looking to start recording your life. It's extended waterproof capabilities make it perfect if you want to record white water rafting or scuba diving, or even more laid back activities like kayaking or canoe trips. Its camera is also high quality, offering 4k, 16 megapixel recording as well as the option to take still photos. After all, videos are great, but you can't hang them up on your wall; sometimes the best way to remember an experience a beautiful photograph. However, it isn't a perfect product- it isn't quite as rugged as other models, and it can be difficult to track one down that is available for purchase.


Vantop Moment 6s

Last but certainly not least is the Vantop Moment 6s. This camera offers everything that you would expect from a 4k action camera, such as digital video stabilization, 8x digital zoom, and advanced slow motion recording capabilities. The Moment 6s also offers a 170 degree FOV (or field of view) that will let you capture a wider picture of the action than you would be able to normally. And if you want to share videos of your adventure- and who wouldn't, after all- the Moment 6s allows you share your videos directly from the camera. What's more convenient than that? And it is also the most affordable option in this list, offering all the same capabilities as its competitors for a much lower price. If you are looking for an inexpensive but still high-quality 4k action camera, the Vantop Moment 6s might be your best bet 


Feature Comparison

Sometimes it can be more helpful to see the features of each camera broken down side by side, so let's take a second to do that here. Most of the 4k action cameras on this list are mostly comparable in terms of the features they offer, but to make the best possible decision, it might help to see their respective features side by side.


The world of 4k action cameras can often be an intimidating one. It seems like there is a never-ending array of new models, all with vastly different capabilities, advantages, and disadvantages. The best 4k action camera for you will depend on your specific needs and desires; there is no one size fits all solution, unfortunately. However, for many people, the Vantop Moment 6s could be the best option. It offers the best of both worlds in terms of advanced technology, and it is certainly one of the best 4k action cameras for beginners and senior players. Hope this list will help you to make the decision which one is best for you.