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How to Choose Action Cameras for Cycling?

Cycling is a fun activity that lets you explore your environment while staying healthy. You can cycle for fun around your neighborhood or challenge yourself and cycle through some nature trails. Taking videos of your cycling adventures is an excellent way of keeping a record of fun memories. You can share the videos with friends and show off some of your terrific stunts.

There are so many types of action cameras in the market, making it a little overwhelming to choose one. You need to consider a few things when buying a camera; for instance, whether it is expensive or reasonably priced. It is also imperative to keep in mind that you need an action camera because cycling is an outdoor sport. Regular cameras may not be able to take clear footage amid the various activities going on.

Reasons for Using Action Cameras

Action cameras are designed for outdoor sports, and they stay in place when you are cycling through rough terrain. You will also get quality footage and record the cool stunt you do when you are cycling. Here are some of the reasons to buy an action camera.

1. Safety

Action cameras are safe for use on the bike or the helmet. They are simple to mount, and the durable mounts keep the camera in place throughout your cycling trail. Most of the top action cameras are waterproof, and they can withstand light splashes and drizzles. A pro camera will allow you to cycle even during the cold and rainy season. The waterproof feature is terrific because it allows people who are active cyclists to keep on exercising.

2. Insurance

It is possible to get insurance for a professional action camera for cycling against accidents and third party damages. Most professional action cameras for outdoor activities are expensive and can put a dent in your account when you have to replace it out of pocket. The cost of insuring an action camera is low and the right choice. The insurance covers the damage to lenses, the camera, loss, or damages by a third party. However, the insurance company won't replace it if they believe the camera damage was due to neglect.

3. Performance

High-performance is why people who engage in outdoor sports opt for action cameras. You don't have to spend a fortune to get a camera that will record high-quality videos. You can find a fantastic action camera at a reasonable price. Cheap action cameras won't give you quality video, and you probably end up with blurred videos that are not fun to watch. Also, find a camera that can take different resolutions. You can use the highest resolutions for short videos and the lowest resolutions for long videos.

Where to Mount Your Camera

Finding an ideal location to mount your camera plays a vital role in determining the type of footage you record. There are various places to mount a camera when cycling, and each position takes a different kind of video. Therefore, understanding your videos' point of view will help find an ideal position for the best action camera.

On the Helmet

The helmet makes the best point for capturing footage when cycling on smooth terrain. It is simple to take footage of your surroundings when you have mounted your camera on your helmet. You can mount the camera on the front of the helmet or the side. If you are not tech-savvy, you can buy a helmet that has a built-in camera. The helmet allows you to capture your cycling sessions without having to take time and mount your camera.

On the Bike

Action cameras for cycling that are mountable of a bike come with a mounting kit. The kit is compatible with a variety of handlebars. The mounting kit comes with an adjustable ring for the mounting to the handlebar. Mounting the camera on the bike gives you an option to film your route or yourself. You can change the setting on the camera when it is on the handles bar. It is best to mount bigger action cameras on the bike, especially when they are bulky.

Side Mount vs. Top Mount vs. Bottom Mount

There are three ways to mount action cameras for cycling. Side mounting the cameras takes a video of the scenery of the area you are cycling through. Side mounting is best for documenting your surroundings. Top mounting an action camera film videos from your eye level or the level of your chest. Mounting a camera at the front allows you to film yourself cycling and your control of the handlebar. Bottom mounting action cameras are ideal when you want to film the terrain of your route. You can mount the camera at the bottom part of your handlebar to bring it closer.

Factors to Consider When Buying Action Cameras

There are several factors that you need to consider when buying an action camera for cycling. Not all outdoor sports action cameras are ideal for cyclists. There are a few unique features that make a camera suitable for cycling activities.

The quality of your image will depend on the camera that you choose. The least resolution quality that you settle for should be 720p. The popular kind of resolution is 1080p, and the videos do not include sections that are blurred. If you have the money, invest in a 4K camera with a kit to connect to your TV. UHD cameras take the most precise footage, but it consumes a lot of energy from your battery.

Also, check the number of frames per second that the camera can take. You'll want something that can take at least 30fps for standard footage and around 60fps for HD videos. Additionally, the cameras should be able to take at least 10-12 MP stills. Stills taken at 10MP and above are apparent even when taken when you are cycling at high speed.

Battery Life

The battery life for action cameras for cycling varies depending on the brand and the type of video you are taking. Filming HD videos will consume more energy compared to filming 1080p. You can get a camera with a battery life of 6-8 hours when you are filming on a low resolution. However, expect to use the camera for 2-hours or less when you are taking 4k videos. Choosing a lower resolution will help you prolong your battery life when you want to shoot long videos.

Ease of Use

The action camera you choose for your outdoor activities should be easy to use and set up. It should have all the necessary accessories that you need to mount it and start taking videos. Most of the products come with instruction manuals on how to use them. You must read the complete manual before you start using the camera. If you are not tech-savvy, kindly buy an action camera that is built-in to the helmet.


The storage capacity of the camera will determine how long you can take a video. Small storage space can only support short videos. Find out the maximum storage for SD cards and which memory cards a camera is compatible with for knowledge purposes. Some action cameras are only compatible with specific brands, while others can support any high-quality SD card.

How to Install Your Camera on a Bike?

There are two significant ways of installing a camera on your bike. The first one is using a self-adhesive mount, while the other one includes using screw-clamp mounts.

Self-Adhesive Mounts

Self-adhesive mounts come in the form of suction mounts or use a strong adhesive. For suction mounts, you will need to clean the area thoroughly. Give it some time to dry before you apply the suction mount. It is best to use a suction mount when you are cycling of reasonably flat terrain. Too much shaking can cause the mount to come off.

Mounts that come with a strong adhesive are ideal for rough terrain. The adhesive keeps the mount in place even when you are navigating through bumpy areas. You need to read the instruction on the adhesive and follow them to the latter. Not following the instructions can lead to the poor mounting of the camera.

Screw-Clamp Mounts

Screw-clamp mounts come with screws and clamps to hold the mount in place. You need to check the camera accessories to ensure that you have the necessary tool for installing the mount. How you tighten the screw-clamps will determine how steady your mount will be. You must take the time to install the mount correctly.


Finding the right action camera for cycling can help you record all the best moments you have during your cycling sessions. The best action cameras are simple to use, come with the necessary accessories, and take high-quality footage. It may seem unnecessary to spend a lot of money on a camera, but it will be worth it in the long run. Besides, what fun is there when you tell your friends about your amazing stunts when you don't have any proof. Find yourself a great action camera that will become your companion whenever you go out to cycle.