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A easy guidance of Vantop M3 Gimbal


Have you ever wondered how you can take your pictures to the next level? Whether you're a professional photographer or love to upload pictures on social media, the Nimbal M3 is the one that will make every shot look like a masterpiece. Its many features, including the 3-Axis Super Stabilization, will help you make the most out of every photograph and video you take. If you're interested in buying the Nimbal M3 (or if you've already bought one), this article will explain these many features this great gimbal has, how to use it properly, and what you can do with it!



How to set up your Nimble M3


One of the great things about the Nimble M3 (besides its great features) is how easy you can set it up and get it ready to go. There's no need for a big manual, a long configuration process, or learning too much about it before using it. All you have to do is take it out of the box, turn it on, and start playing with it.


Setting up your Nimble M3 can be done in four simple steps:
  1. Sync up your phone with the gimbal via Bluetooth
  2. Turn on your Nimbal M3
  3. Download and launch the VanTop Gimo App
  4. Finally, follow the instructions you'll see in the app to connect to your Nimbal M3 to get started

Simply put, this gimbal is intuitive enough for anyone to understand. Place your phone in it, get it started, and check out the many features you can use. With enough practice, you'll be a pro! While you can use the Nimble M3 with most phones, you should keep in mind some specifications. For example, the maximum weight this gimbal can take is 250 g, the maximum width supported is 88 mm, and the maximum temperature is 104 F (or 40℃). One of the great things about this gimbal is that it has close to 15 hours of battery life. That will give you plenty of time to record a fair amount of video time and take as many pictures as you want in one day.



What does the Nimble M3 have to offer?


3-Axis Stabilization

Ever had a rocky picture? Or, perhaps, you can't take the right shot because of too much movement? That's a thing of the past with the Nimble M3! Thanks to its 3-Axis Super Stabilization, this gimbal will allow you to take perfect steady and moving pictures (or videos) without sacrificing quality. This feature allows you to take smooth shots without much effort. And that's exactly what you need in this fast-paced world.


Smart Tracking

This gimbal can differentiate faces and objects, and, at the same time, follow around the ones that you choose. With its Smart Tracking, the Nimble M3 is able to follow around whoever you want to pinpoint in your next shot. Whether that's you or someone else, it doesn't matter! All you have to do is draw a virtual box around the desired object and the gimbal will take care of the rest.


Hitchcock Effect

Film buffs will probably recognize the world-famous Hitchcock effect. It's an astonishing cinematic effect, the result of a change in visual perspective - and a product of this amazing feature. It's the perfect thing for people who want to add a little dramatic effect to their videos. This is also a great option to astonish the viewer with a perfect shot, one that captures it all little by little, just like Alfred Hitchcock loved to do.


Action Mode

Missing a shot in a fast-paced scene is one of the worst things that can happen. Fortunately for all Nimble M3 users, that isn't something that's going to happen. The Action Mode guarantees that, no matter what's going on, the camera will focus on what you want and miss none of the action that's right in front of you. This feature guarantees a quick response to both subtle and fast movements that are often missed by the human eye.



This feature allows you to take breathtaking pictures and capture a magnificent view of your next shot. It's the perfect option for nature and wildlife-related shots. By using the Panorama mode, you will be able to focus not on one thing but the entire scene. By doing that, you will capture everything that's going on without missing anything at all. Whether you want to take a picture of a huge set of mountains, an amazing forest, or the blue ocean, you can do so in full with this feature.


Slow Motion

For IOS users, you can record video in slow motion, up to eight times as slow as real-time is. When you do, you will not lose a single detail nor there will be a drop in quality. With Slow Motion, you can enjoy everything more than usual - and explore every moment up to eight times as slow as you usually can.



If you're not interested in going slow, but want to go fast instead, the Time-lapse feature is the one you need. With Time-lapse, you can skip over any moment of your video at an incredibly fast speed; one that not only will add a wonderful effect but will also help you dramatically change scenes as you do.



Are you ready to take world-class pictures and record breathtaking videos?

The Nimble M3 is the perfect tool for the job. It'll help you stabilize your frame, add dramatic effects, and make the most out of your wildest ideas. All you have to do to make that happen is choose the right feature and get to work - your Nimble M3 will take care of the rest! Not only that, but this gimbal is so easy to use it doesn't need a manual. When you use a Nimble M3, you know you'll get no trouble - only great shots!

Whether you need to add a more dramatic effect to your shots or stabilize the frame, it doesn't matter. When you use a Nimble M3, everything is picture-perfect.