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The 4k Ultra Action Camera Can Enrich Your Life

Are you fond of capturing moments and images? Is photography or videography one of your passions? Are you fond of the latest technologies and modern designs in cameras? If the answer to those questions is yes, have you ever owned a 4k ultra action camera? If not, you are missing out on perfection.

4k ultra action cameras help you preserve memories and capture moments like nothing else. It can shoot 4k high-quality videos at tremendous speeds and it stars several advanced technology features like wireless remote control systems, built-in connectivity such as WiFi, and much more.

A 4k ultra hd action camera is fast, convenient, and absolutely gorgeous!

The Review of VanTop 4K Ultra Action Camera

VanTop Moment 6s is an action camera with a 4K video capture resolution. If you like to travel a lot or go on spontaneous adventures, this compact piece of genius technology will only take a little bit of space but help you capture all your memorable moments.

The high-quality resolution of pictures and videos will give you a pleasurable trip down the memory lane every time you rewatch them.

4K ultra action camera


The following are some of the essential features and benefits of this particular camera:

-4K/60fps (3840 x 2160)

This compact piece of technology offers you 4K video resolution with a speed of 60 frames per second. The results are crystal clear, vivid, and smooth pictures and videos. This feature allows you to capture moments while running, swimming, or doing any other fast-paced task without disturbing the results' quality.

-Smoothflow Stabilization

The Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) Anti-shake technology counteracts bumps, shaking, and tilting. It delivers hyper-stable and shake-free videos to capture any movement without hassle, thanks to the 6-axis gyroscope. Furthermore, you can also turn this feature on and off as per your wish to obtain the required results.

-Slow Motion

The 8X slow-motion feature makes life easier for you if you like creating shareable and enjoyable content. Instead of capturing your video, transferring it to your computer, and editing it later, the camera allows you to use this feature and create slow-motion videos inside the camera. This way, you don't have to go through separate editing. Thus, it saves both time and energy.

-Time Lapse

Time-lapse videos are also popular in the world of video contentcompact, round and waterproof. If you don't know what it is, a timelapse video is a faster representation of a series of events that you initially recorded at normal speed.

Creating such videos is also a built-in facility that comes with the VanTop Moment 6s 4k ultra hd action camera. You can still record a high-quality 4k video and edit it later as per your wish, but if you don't want to make a separate effort, you can do it within the camera.

-Dual Screen

Among all the camera's advanced technology features, perhaps the most convenient feature of all is the dual-screen. The camera has a traditional big screen and a smaller screen at the front. The smaller screen helps you see the stats and settings of the camera without flipping it. It shows you the battery timing, camera mode, SD card space, recording status, and connectivity.

If you often record by yourself and have a set time limit on LCD auto-off, this feature will prove helpful. You will be able to make sure that the camera is recording without changing your position.


How Do You Use A 4K Ultra Action Camera?

Apart from the incredibly convenient features and design, the camera is also straightforward to use. The navigation of this camera is simple and easy to understand on the first attempt. The following are some simple steps showing you how to use this camera:

  • The camera arrives in a convenient, compact, round, and waterproof case.

You will also find a small, convenient wireless remote control in the box that you can use to control the camera from a distance.

  • You can switch the action camera on and off using the button on the right side of the camera. The record button for the camera is on the top, and so is the speaker. All these buttons are backlit and light up as you turn them on. You'll find the holes for the microphone and a flap that covers the USB charging ports on the left side of the camera.

The camera's bottom has the slot for the battery and an attaching site for tripods or mounting brackets. The SD card slot is also next to the battery inside the same slot.

  • Once you turn the camera on, you can see many different features and view them one by one by scrolling upwards and downwards.

The screen is entirely touchscreen so you can select, scroll, and navigate with ease. 

  • You can also attach and plug in an external microphone, which, by the way, comes along with the If you're planning to walk, jog, or run, turn on the EIS anti-shake feature to make sure the videos are smooth and clear. 
  • You also get a user manual that shows you how to use it, what features it has, the additional items that come with the camera, and other FAQs. Plus, you can mount the camera on a bicycle, inside your car, or pretty much anywhere else using the mounting brackets and stickers that come with the camera.

How to Download Vantop 4k Ultra HD Action Camera App And Use It

What's more? The VanTop moment 6s action camera also comes with an associated application that gives you access to more advanced features. The Moment 6s' app allows you to connect your smartphone with your camera and to control it as your wish.

If you wish to use this connectivity feature, the following are a few steps to help you understand how to download this app and use it:

  • Go to your App Store or Google Play and search for the app called Moment.

You can also scan the specific Moment QR code and download the app.

  • Now, turn on the WiFi connection in the camera. Go back to your mobile phone, open the list of available WiFi networks, and choose your camera's WiFi network.

Enter the password to link your phone to the camera. 

  • Now, open the app.

You can use this particular app to know what you're recording and control the camera as well. 

  • You can change the recording mode to on or off and shift other settings using the button on the top left side of your phone screen. You'll be able to download the content you made on the camera onto the
  • Click on the pictures icon on the bottom left of the phone screen and select whatever content you want to download. You can also see the battery timing, record timing, and current camera setting on your Plus, the app allows you to connect and share, edit, and filter the content.



In conclusion, this action camera provides everything from aesthetics to quality. The black plastic exterior is lightweight and easy to carry while maintaining the quality of the device. Because of VanTop Moment 6s's lightweight and compact design, you can take it pretty much anywhere you go without worrying about ruining it.

Overall, this camera is an excellent catch for its price. If you are looking for the best 4K action camera, VanTop Moment 6s is absolutely a great option. If your are considering what is the best 4k action camera under 100 dollars, Vantop Moment is also available for you.